San Andres Itzapa

San Andrés Itzapa (Itzapa means stone or pedernal, commonly called ray stone), is a municipality of Chimaltenango , Guatemala. San Andrés makes up the eastern region of Chimaltenango.


The municipal head, lies to the north, Acatenango lies to the south and to the east is Parramos. The territory is approximately 90 kilometers square, with a total of 31,956 inhabitants or Itzapecos Both Spanish and Kaqchiquel are spoken, although migration from other departments causes the influx of a variety of other languages such as K'iché and Tzutujil (these languages share a similarity in phonology and meaning).


90% of the population is indigenous, most of them are rural farmers with very low income.


Currently malnutrition among children is reaching an alarming 65% and 6 out of 10 children die from treatable respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.


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